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Clippers Change Communities

Building our communities through personal care.
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About Us

 Since 2020, Clippers Change Communities has empowered thousands of Chicago’s youth of low income communities, from toddlers to teenagers, with access to cost-free personal care services such as haircuts, and hygiene education. We meet our youth where they are at, partnering with schools, businesses, and community organizations to have broader access to our youth. Through these partnerships Clippers Change Communities utilizes the power of our value proposition of providing free hair cutting and grooming skills to build self-esteem, restore dignity, decrease negative behavior, and improve academic performance.   The need for CCC services, providing free personal care services to youth of low income communities was created from our founders personal experience of growing up in a single parent household in a low income community that was impacted by drugs, violence, and incarceration. It has been proven and known that hair cutting is a factor in building youth’s self esteem and improving academic performance.  Most of the parents of these youths can not afford to pay for a haircut, and the rising costs of today's haircut services makes the matter more difficult for our low-income earning parents. Our youth should not be denied access to personal care services because of their parents socioeconomic status. And our parents should not be placed in a situation to choose between buying food and paying for a haircut for their child's graduation.


 David Todd, Founder and Executive Director of Clippers Change Communities. is a Licensed Cosmetology, who has used his talents and skills of personal care services to help and be of service to his  community

Our Beliefs

We believe that when a person look good, they feel good; and when they feel good , they do good.

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The Work We Do

Every summer we travel out to underserved communities and provide free haircuts and hygiene education. Our goal is to give out 1000 haircuts each summer and we look to increase that quota in the coming years. We hope to inspire you to joining our cause to make our communities better. You can volunteer, donate, support, or just aspire to do better.

We create clean and safe spaces for the youth of low-income communities to receive cost-free personal care services.


We travel out to spaces occupied by people of homelessness and give out free personal care services



Clippers Change Communities

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Other Ways to Support



Public Speaking 

  1. Hear the story of Resilience on how barbering saved lives

  2. Story of resilience



  1. Rebuilding Life Workshop

  2. Youth Haircut and Hygiene Workshop

  3. Community and Personal Hygiene and Sanitation Workshop


Clippers Change Communities Products

Support by purchasing items from our array of product offerings.​


Clippers Change Communities

If our youth are properly taught how to take care of their personal hygiene, they would then learn how to take care of their communities.

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